Bachelor Fantasy Suite Recap-Part 1

In addition to the NHL and NYR news, we will cover the nation’s 5th sport. That of course is the Bachelor. Since I only started watching since Ben’s season, this was my introduction to Nick and I found him to be boring and sorta uninteresting, the women have saved this season for me. Nevertheless lets get started, last episode left us on a cliffhanger as one of the girls who dumped Nick, Andy I believe, gave a “surprise” visit to him just to chat about his upcoming decision. They covered topics ranging from wine vs whiskey to having sex in the fantasy suite, which was quite awkward considering there were four ladies waiting out in the wind and cold for Nick to hand them a rose. Surprisingly, Corrine, in an audacious double leg cut and stomach split dress that would even make experienced ladies of the night blush,  was the one left wanting and gave a teary goodbye to Nick but quickly turned those tears into a feminist manifesto speech. She decided she was done flashing guys and buying them $1500 sweatsuits to win their affection and instead let them treat her. She then proceeded to take a nap.

Nick decided the best place for fantasy suite dates was the icy, frozen, only receiving 3 hours of sunlight a day, dreamscape of Finland. Raven was first up and after a helicopter ride, they stopped in at a local pub and played darts while Raven wondered how to break it to Nick that she loved him, and that she’s never had an orgasm in her life. Totally normal one-two punch of conversation points. After shooting some darts with locals they left to go to a lovely rustic log cabin for dinner, which they did not touch, where Raven went into a heartfelt speech, in between sips of wine, about her past love issues and how she felt she has put those in the past for Nick. To which he responded with “wow” and “cool” and a blank expression. Pretty much par for the course for Nick. Although I think Raven just brings up her ex to bash him on national television. She must know people are watching back home in her small town of Hoxie and this would cause the guy, who cheated on her, great embarassment. The short episode, why not break it up into two 2 hour episodes instead, ended with Nick and Raven gazing up at the Northern Lights and an ominous preview of whats to come next week.

P.S. The ending scene of Nick doing the Rocky training was kind of cheesy but I must admit I liked it and it made me want to watch Rocky IV

P.P.S. I know its silly to start a Bachelor recap this late in the season but I just started this site and wanted to see how it went.


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