Final Finland Fantasy Suite Recap

Bachelor cliffhangers this season continue to be a letdown. The whole Corinne/Taylor feud was disappointing cliffhanger after cliffhanger and Corinne possibly sleeping with Nick, that was teased for 4 episodes, ended up with no drama and no sex. So it is unsurprising that the drama they teased last week in the middle of Raven’s fantasy suite date with Nick ended up being the complete opposite.

Raven was so satisfied from Nick at night that she decided to go full 500 Days of Summer and dance and skip her way around Finland. The only thing that was missing was Hall & Oates playing in the background.

Rachel’s date with Nick was next and they spent the next few minutes of the episode cross country skiing. Rachel, from Texas, understandably fell a bunch. They arrive at a reindeer sleigh and casually make their way to their dinner spot to talk and not eat a bit of food. This has to cheese off other people besides me. Rachel finally says “I love you” to Nick after talking about it for the past three weeks. Surprisingly he said that he was falling for Rachel, way more than he said to the other ladies when they confessed the same thing to Nick.

Vanessa’s date with Nick was another interesting one. They do unusual activities and have actual heartfelt honest conversations. The topic this time was what would they do if they got engaged. Where would they live and would Nick spend three hours a week with Vanessa’s family? Both are very stubborn in their ways and Vanessa asked Nick to compromise while not willing to compromise her core beliefs at all. A winning strategy.

The rose ceremony arrived quickly as this episode was only one hour again. Nick started crying right away as he faced the three women with only two roses available. Raven got the first rose and then with little hesitation he gave the last one to Vanessa. I was shocked since he said he was falling for Rachel to her face when he wouldn’t say anything back to the other women when they expressed their feelings.

Rachel was stunned and asked why he didn’t pick her while Nick was walking her out. Nick, never good at this part, basically made the case why he should have picked her and said that he hopes that they can cross paths again and stay friends. Hmmm.

Now all we have is three hours on Monday to see how Nick can screw this up again or see if he finally gets his happy ending.

The Girl’s Tell All show was meh but just a few points about it:

  • Josephine-  what are you wearing and what is going on with your makeup? Want to be in the next Tim Burton movie? Also the only one to constantly agree with Corinne.
  • Corinne- we get it, you need help with everything and like to drink. She was a predictable, annoying, bad villain
  • Kristina- Should have been the next Bachelorette, don’t care how many people requested Rachel. Danielle M would have been acceptable as well
  • Alexis- NJ’s own Alexis will be on BIP and I actually might pay more attention to it because of her. Thought she was corny because of the shark/dolphin thing but she won me over

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